Our Nutrigenomic Package includes the following:

4 sessions that include:

1. General Health History Intake & Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire. The NAQ is an in-depth questionnaire that is used to get a precise look at how your body is working and where you need specific support. This sets the foundation for your nutrition recommendations and lifestyle shifts to set you up for your best health. This session is where we will decide which genetic test panel(s) you will need and discover the best strategy for your unique needs.

2. Our second session will take place two weeks after our intake process. We will review your genetic test results and what they entail. I will follow-up with a detailed and personalized protocol.

3. Our third session will be a general check in via phone/a general follow-up to see how you are doing and answer any questions you might have.

4. Our fourth session will cover moving forward with your new supplements, lifestyle recommendations, and a precise and personalized protocol.

*Please note that this does not cover genetic test panel costs. We may also need to run more than one panel to get the most comprehensive look at your health. Panels range from $199 to $439.

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